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Patricia Briggs

TGIF!  One of my favorite authors is Patricia Briggs, author of the Mercy Thompson series.  She started out as a traditional fantasy author with such books as “Masques” and “Steal the Dragon,” but I think that she really shines in the urban fantasy genre. The books in the Mercy Thompson series include “Moon Called,”  “Blood Bound,”  “Iron Kissed,”  “Bone Crossed,”  “Silver Borne,” and “River Marked.”  The main character, Mercedes (Mercy) Thompson is a half Blackfoot mechanic who also happens to shape-shift into a coyote, thanks to the magic of her father’s people. Her world is one where werewolves, vampires, Fae and witches are all very real, though the Fae are the only ones to have “come out” to the public.  Mercy was raised by her great-uncle’s werewolf pack when her mother couldn’t deal with her shape-shifting child.  Mercy leaves the pack at 16 (with a broken heart), moves back in with her mother, finishes college, then decides that being a mechanic is a better fit for her than teaching. Her love interest is Adam Hauptman, the local Alpha werewolf, also her neighbor. Former boyfriend from her pack days is Sam, who adds triangular interest. Friends include her former boss(and metalzauber Fae) Zee,  vampire Stefan, werewolf Warren, police detective Tony and Adam’s daughter, Jessie.  Mercy’s character is complex: sarcastic, wise, yet vulnerable in unexpected ways.

Patricia’s other series, Alpha and Omega, also takes place in Mercy’s world, though the storyline centers more around the Montana wolf pack, with Sam’s werewolf brother, Charles, and his new mate, Omega werewolf Anna, being the main characters. It has an addictive storyline and a sweet romance.  So far, the series consists of “Alpha and Omega” and “Hunting Ground,” with “Fair Game” to be released in January 2012.   I highly recommend any of Patricia’s books. They WILL keep you up way past your bedtime.


Here I am

Following is spoken word by Anis Mojgani titled, “Here I am.”  Intense and beautiful.  He is truly an artist.


Well, wasn’t today an exciting day?  Living in Ohio, I thought I was safe from earthquakes.  I mean, seriously, earthquakes felt in Ohio?  Now, granted, it wasn’t a 7.5 on the Richter scale, it wasn’t actually centered in Ohio, and I wasn’t in any mortal danger.  STILL, it has actually given us bored Midwesterners something to talk about other than the heat and 95% humidity.

“Did you feel it?”  “Wasn’t it awesome?!”  “Damn it, I slept through it!”  Of course, all of the engineers at my friend’s workplace were having a total nerdgasm over it, poring over the internet within seconds, determining the epicenter and dispensing their newly-won knowledge with us lesser beings who actually had to continue working after it occurred.  To me, it felt like I was standing on a boat in choppy water.  Definitely weird.  I work in a pharmacy and everything hanging from the walls and ceilings was swinging.  Now, I know this is all total Yawnsville to you West Coast people, but damn it, the ground usually stays where it belongs in the Midwest. That is, in a stationary, non-shaky state of being.  What’s next?  Dogs and cats sleeping together?  Cleveland winning the Superbowl?

I found a website that asks you a different question each day.  You must use Google’s search to find the answer and are racing the clock while you do it.  It’s lot’s of fun and improves your search skills at the same time. The link is below.  🙂


Also, for those of you with a geeky bent, I submit for your admiration:

You may reach the Etsy shop owner at this link:


Apparently, the original item has been sold, but maybe the Etsy artist would make more if you say pretty please…



Underworld 4: New Dawn

I like the Underworld series and just found the new trailer for the upcoming movie Underworld 4: New Dawn. Kate Beckinsale will be returning as Selene.  The summary below is from Bloody Disgusting.

“After being held in a coma-like state for fifteen years, vampire Selene learns that she has a fourteen-year-old vampire/Lycan hybrid daughter, Nissa, and when she finds her they must stop BioCom from creating super Lycans that will kill them all.”

Sounds interesting, if somewhat predictable.  Let’s hope it measures up to the first in the series.  🙂

The Wise Man’s Fear

Happy Saturday, Everyone!  I am sitting in my air-conditioned house, playing on the computer because it is almost 90 degrees outside. Unless I am at the beach or in water, I do not want to experience 90 degrees for any prolonged period of time…  Of course, my answer would be totally different if you ask me in February, when I am thoroughly sick of Ohio’s wintry, frozen tundra.

Despite being a Steelers fan, I went to a Browns pre-season game last night because I was given free tickets. Had mucho fun, though the ending was predictable- the Brownies rolled over, played dead in the second half and lost the game. I am hoping my Steelers will fare better and continue their winning ways this season. Anywho…

I am currently reading a great book, one I would highly recommend.  For those of you who have been living under a rock, or in your Mom’s basement, and haven’t heard of Patrick Rothfuss, I will provide a needed introduction. He is GREAT.  Period.  His first ever book, “The Name of the Wind,” the first in his series, “The Kingkiller Chronicle,”  was a NY Times best-seller.  Now, normally, that isn’t a necessary quality in a book for me.  There is a lot of CRAP on the NY Times list, but that doesn’t apply to this author, or his books.  I am currently reading his second novel, “The Wise Man’s Fear.”  I love it so much that I am not even waiting to finish it to tell you about it. Based on the quality of his first novel, I don’t believe it necessary.  It is a fantasy novel, but so much more than that.  The world he creates and his main character, Kvothe, are so compellingly complex and REAL that you don’t mind the fact that the book is 993 pages long. Really.  I don’t pretend to be a skilled book-reviewer or to have perfect grammar, but I DO know what I, and many of my geeky friends, like.  We like Patrick Rothfuss. You can find his comments on his book, along with reviews by other readers, on  Here is the link:

Any good book recommendations for me?  Happy Reading!   Seabeegirl

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