Well, wasn’t today an exciting day?  Living in Ohio, I thought I was safe from earthquakes.  I mean, seriously, earthquakes felt in Ohio?  Now, granted, it wasn’t a 7.5 on the Richter scale, it wasn’t actually centered in Ohio, and I wasn’t in any mortal danger.  STILL, it has actually given us bored Midwesterners something to talk about other than the heat and 95% humidity.

“Did you feel it?”  “Wasn’t it awesome?!”  “Damn it, I slept through it!”  Of course, all of the engineers at my friend’s workplace were having a total nerdgasm over it, poring over the internet within seconds, determining the epicenter and dispensing their newly-won knowledge with us lesser beings who actually had to continue working after it occurred.  To me, it felt like I was standing on a boat in choppy water.  Definitely weird.  I work in a pharmacy and everything hanging from the walls and ceilings was swinging.  Now, I know this is all total Yawnsville to you West Coast people, but damn it, the ground usually stays where it belongs in the Midwest. That is, in a stationary, non-shaky state of being.  What’s next?  Dogs and cats sleeping together?  Cleveland winning the Superbowl?