I have avoided video games for the past few years because I have a tendency to become obsessed with them, forgoing sleep, food, communication with my family and, at times, work, to play them. With the release of Skyrim, I am sorely tempted to give up my voluntary exile and plunge back in. My kids are old enough to fend for themselves now, my husband cooks better than me and I feel I deserve a few self-indulgent months as an elf. I may not come back. Can you get paid for playing video games? Maybe make an advertisement for Skyrim: “See? Even moms get into this game! It overflows with awesomeness and you need to buy it. Now.” Whaddya think?
On a different note, I made the yummiest oatmeal scotchy cookies last night. Took some to work and spread the love and even saved some for the hubby. If you all lived closer to me, I would have shared with you, too, because that’s how nice I am. Really. Of course, if I get Skyrim, they just may be the last batch of cookies I make in quite a while. The Keebler elves will be providing the sweets for the foreseeable future. Let me know if you like the game, describe your character, etc. Also, since I AM going off the wagon, tell me about any other games that you feel my life would be incomplete without. In for a penny, in for a pound, as my Gramps would say. Goodnight!