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The Troll Hunter

I found this gem of a found-footage movie trailer via GeekChicDailyThe Troll Hunter is a Norwegian low-budget film with surprisingly cool special effects.  Like The Blair Witch Project before it, this movie’s main characters are early twenty-somethings supposedly filming a documentary on supernatural creatures;  in this case, trolls.  Of course, there is the obligatory government conspiracy to cover-up their existence, so our plucky investigators must overcome recalcitrant farmers, annoyed bureaucrats, etc, while on their quest for evidence.  If you aren’t up on your Scandinavian fairy tales, you should google trolls before watching this to get some background information and just be an all-around smarter person.  If you want to get your geek on in a serious way, check out this movie.

P.S  Don’t you think it would make an epic video game?


LOTR Cameos & Special Extras

I’m a big fan of StumbleUpon, which brought me to the site below.  It is part of a site called Fantasia Domain and has some really interesting  (I’m trying to find adjectives other than my usual “cool!”  and “awesome!”) special extras and cameo shots from the LOTR films.  Many of the people involved in production, special effects, musical scores, etc, were used in the film as extras.  In fact, the two blacksmith artisans who made the weapons and armor for the films are actually the two elven smiths shown remaking the blade, Anduril, in RoTK.  How incredible would that be, to be part of one of the most important film trilogies of all time?  Anyways, enough of my fangirl squeeing- check it out!  It’s rather amazing how they can turn your average, geeky-looking CGI tech into an intimidating warrior.  Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Cameos and Special Extras.

Little Pig, Little Pig

I am standing alone on a bleak, empty plain. The sky above me is ominous, full of gray,

boiling clouds. I turn in a circle, looking and listening for anyone, anything on the

flat, grassy expanse. In the distance, I spy an old, two-story farmhouse, neglected

and seemingly empty. As I squint at it, I become aware of howling in the distance.

I turn around to see a ravenous pack of wolves streaming towards me. I am instantly

terrified and sprint towards the safety of the house.  As I run, I can feel the wolves

getting closer, hear the thudding of their paws against the ground and their

snarls as they gain on me. The closer I get to the house, the slower my legs are

moving, as if I am trying to run underwater, and the farmhouse seems miles away.

The wolves are now so close that I can hear their panting and their hungry whines.

My heart is pounding in my chest as I hit the porch at last, only to find the front door

locked. Desperate, I flee around to the side and find the entrance to a root cellar.

I yank the door open and fall down the short flight of steps to the cellar floor,

scrambling back up just in time to slam the door shut as the wolves reach it. Their claws

are tearing frantically against the wood, trying to rip the door open and get to me.

My knees give way and I fall to the floor,exhausted. Still hearing the frustrated

growls of the wolves, I scoot to the far side of the cellar and slump against the

wall, wondering if the door will hold. As I catch my breath, I notice that there is

no door leading up to the inside of the house, no sounds of occupants above.

I am trapped in the cellar with the wolves still gathered outside. Then, I wake up.

I had this dream repeatedly throughout my childhood.  Has anyone else ever had

a recurring nightmare?  Feel up to sharing?

What big teeth you have...

The Rules of Magic

Like everyone, I’m a bit busy with the holiday season, but I

thought I’d share this chart with you.  Developed by i09, one o

f my favorite websites,  it relates the rules of magic, according to

the greatest fantasy sagas of all time.  Interesting stuff!

Happy Holidays, my friends!  😀

Road Construction Hell

I sat at a dead stop for an eternity on Massillon Road today while trying to get home from work.  The past two days have been hell (first of the month) and we’ve been buried alive under a crap-ton of work, constant phone calls and troglodytes at the register talking on their cell phones and wanting to buy ten cents’ worth of candy while we’re trying to fill prescriptions.  All I wanted to do was get home and hide from everyone, but NOOOO, the city of Akron has decided to repair all its bridges and sewer lines in this area at once, so there is no easy way to get home.  O.M.G.  If only I had a damn monster truck… And a bazooka.  And maybe an external PA system on the monster truck so I could blare Metallica as I crushed everything in my path. Yeah, I think that might make me feel better. *smiles*

This could be me.

An armored humvee would work, too. Decisions, decisions...