I sat at a dead stop for an eternity on Massillon Road today while trying to get home from work.  The past two days have been hell (first of the month) and we’ve been buried alive under a crap-ton of work, constant phone calls and troglodytes at the register talking on their cell phones and wanting to buy ten cents’ worth of candy while we’re trying to fill prescriptions.  All I wanted to do was get home and hide from everyone, but NOOOO, the city of Akron has decided to repair all its bridges and sewer lines in this area at once, so there is no easy way to get home.  O.M.G.  If only I had a damn monster truck… And a bazooka.  And maybe an external PA system on the monster truck so I could blare Metallica as I crushed everything in my path. Yeah, I think that might make me feel better. *smiles*

This could be me.

An armored humvee would work, too. Decisions, decisions...