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DragonCon Costumes

Below are some of my favorite costumes from DragonCon ’11.  Click on the link to see even more.  Great pics and article by Danny Outlaw at The River Current.

The River Current – Your Halloween Costume Sucks.


LOTR Cameos & Special Extras

I’m a big fan of StumbleUpon, which brought me to the site below.  It is part of a site called Fantasia Domain and has some really interesting  (I’m trying to find adjectives other than my usual “cool!”  and “awesome!”) special extras and cameo shots from the LOTR films.  Many of the people involved in production, special effects, musical scores, etc, were used in the film as extras.  In fact, the two blacksmith artisans who made the weapons and armor for the films are actually the two elven smiths shown remaking the blade, Anduril, in RoTK.  How incredible would that be, to be part of one of the most important film trilogies of all time?  Anyways, enough of my fangirl squeeing- check it out!  It’s rather amazing how they can turn your average, geeky-looking CGI tech into an intimidating warrior.  Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Cameos and Special Extras.

The Rules of Magic

Like everyone, I’m a bit busy with the holiday season, but I

thought I’d share this chart with you.  Developed by i09, one o

f my favorite websites,  it relates the rules of magic, according to

the greatest fantasy sagas of all time.  Interesting stuff!

Happy Holidays, my friends!  😀

The art of husband-and-wife team Angi Sullins and Silas Toball has been featured in several publications including Somerset Studio, Somerset Digital and Smashing Magazine.  Angi and Silas are veterans in the digital art movement and their website (www.duirwaigh.com) and blogs have won numerous awards including Smashing Magazine’s Top Fifty Blog Designs, Pixelatic’s Top Stunning Websites, Blogosphere’s Top 45 Most Creative Blog Designs and Inspiredology’s Top Flourish Designs.

Together, they are known as “The Dazzling Duo,” and for good reason.   They are the creative masterminds behind Duirwaigh Gallery in Taos, New Mexico and their incredible home on the web, Duirwaigh Studios .  They specialize in mythopoetic art, creating a dazzling array of  imaginative, soulful pieces, including films, music and books, that have inspired and created a sense of wonder in thousands of people.

Silas is described as a true Renaissance Man, creating incredible graphics, films, and musical compositions.  Angie is a writer, poet, artistic blogger,  performer and film-maker.  Two of her books are Doorways and Dreamfields: A True Fairy Tale  and Flaming Muse: Matchstick Tales That Ignite the Soul.   Their film, A Knock at the Door, has been viewed by over 4 million people.  I have included below several examples of their artwork.  I really hope that you will check out their website. It’s entirely possible you’ll be there for several hours, lost in the beautiful world that is Duirwaigh Studios .

P.S.  They also have a really cool mouse named Zeus .

Flaming Muse

Charon's Lullaby

A Knock At The Door


Singing Up The Moon

Water Dome


Little Big Love

Pondly has a gallery of Photoshop artist Christophe  Huet’s  images.  Incredible- check it out!

Photoshop Master Christophe Huet | Pondly.


The Wise Man’s Fear

Happy Saturday, Everyone!  I am sitting in my air-conditioned house, playing on the computer because it is almost 90 degrees outside. Unless I am at the beach or in water, I do not want to experience 90 degrees for any prolonged period of time…  Of course, my answer would be totally different if you ask me in February, when I am thoroughly sick of Ohio’s wintry, frozen tundra.

Despite being a Steelers fan, I went to a Browns pre-season game last night because I was given free tickets. Had mucho fun, though the ending was predictable- the Brownies rolled over, played dead in the second half and lost the game. I am hoping my Steelers will fare better and continue their winning ways this season. Anywho…

I am currently reading a great book, one I would highly recommend.  For those of you who have been living under a rock, or in your Mom’s basement, and haven’t heard of Patrick Rothfuss, I will provide a needed introduction. He is GREAT.  Period.  His first ever book, “The Name of the Wind,” the first in his series, “The Kingkiller Chronicle,”  was a NY Times best-seller.  Now, normally, that isn’t a necessary quality in a book for me.  There is a lot of CRAP on the NY Times list, but that doesn’t apply to this author, or his books.  I am currently reading his second novel, “The Wise Man’s Fear.”  I love it so much that I am not even waiting to finish it to tell you about it. Based on the quality of his first novel, I don’t believe it necessary.  It is a fantasy novel, but so much more than that.  The world he creates and his main character, Kvothe, are so compellingly complex and REAL that you don’t mind the fact that the book is 993 pages long. Really.  I don’t pretend to be a skilled book-reviewer or to have perfect grammar, but I DO know what I, and many of my geeky friends, like.  We like Patrick Rothfuss. You can find his comments on his book, along with reviews by other readers, on goodreads.com  Here is the link: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1215032.The_Wise_Man_s_Fear

Any good book recommendations for me?  Happy Reading!   Seabeegirl

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