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DragonCon Costumes

Below are some of my favorite costumes from DragonCon ’11.  Click on the link to see even more.  Great pics and article by Danny Outlaw at The River Current.

The River Current – Your Halloween Costume Sucks.


The Troll Hunter

I found this gem of a found-footage movie trailer via GeekChicDailyThe Troll Hunter is a Norwegian low-budget film with surprisingly cool special effects.  Like The Blair Witch Project before it, this movie’s main characters are early twenty-somethings supposedly filming a documentary on supernatural creatures;  in this case, trolls.  Of course, there is the obligatory government conspiracy to cover-up their existence, so our plucky investigators must overcome recalcitrant farmers, annoyed bureaucrats, etc, while on their quest for evidence.  If you aren’t up on your Scandinavian fairy tales, you should google trolls before watching this to get some background information and just be an all-around smarter person.  If you want to get your geek on in a serious way, check out this movie.

P.S  Don’t you think it would make an epic video game?

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